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Flight from DELHI to KOZHIKODE
Flight Number - IC-0657
Airport Sequence Arrival Time Departure Time
DELHI 1   7:00 AM
MUMBAI 2 8:55 AM 9:55 AM
COIMBATORE 3 10:45 AM 11:25 AM
KOZHIKODE 4 12:55 PM  

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"Some time ago i was in Shillong doing ParaGliding. The instructor prepared me well for the gliding purpose. During the time of Para gliding. I got on the top of a hill and from there i started my gliding to a distance of 10 kms. It was amazing and thrilling as i saw birds flying with me and they are competing with me .But it was amazing and awesome. Everthing looked so beautiful and chromatic."

Anamika from Das